2023 Honda CR-V Interior Technology for Families

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2023 Honda CR-V Interior Technology for Families: A focus on family-friendly features and technology inside the 2023 CR-V.  The Honda CR-V has long been a staple in the family vehicle segment, combining reliability, comfort and advanced technology. The 2023 iteration of this popular SUV continues that tradition, with an emphasis on a tech-savvy and family-friendly interior. In a world where connectivity and convenience are key, Honda has elevated the driving experience for families by integrating a number of innovative features into the CR-V.

2023 Honda CR-V Interior Technology for Families

2023 Honda CR-V Infotainment and Connectivity

At the heart of the 2023 Honda CR-V’s interior technology is an upgraded infotainment system. The standard 7-inch touchscreen display (with an available upgrade to 9 inches on higher trims) offers an intuitive interface that supports Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ integration. This allows passengers to seamlessly sync their smartphones, access music, navigation and hands-free calling, keeping everyone connected and entertained on the road.

Family-centric features

Honda meticulously designed the CR-V’s interior to meet the needs of families, knowing that comfort and convenience are paramount. One outstanding feature is the available CabinTalk® system. This system uses the car’s audio system to broadcast the driver’s voice to rear-seat passengers via speakers or headphones, allowing easy communication without raising your voice. This is particularly useful for managing children or conversing with rear-seat passengers.

In addition, the 2023 CR-V offers an available rear-seat entertainment system that features a larger screen and gives passengers access to a variety of entertainment options. This system keeps rear-seat passengers entertained whether they’re on a long road trip or a short drive around town.

Advanced safety technology

Family safety is a top priority, and Honda has equipped the CR-V with a host of driver-assist and safety features. The Honda Sensing® suite, standard on all trims, includes adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and collision mitigation braking. These features work together to increase driver awareness and mitigate potential collisions, providing peace of mind for families on the road.

2023 Honda CR-V Interior comfort and versatility

Comfort is a key aspect of any family vehicle, and the CR-V delivers in this area as well. Roomy seats, ample legroom and premium materials contribute to a comfortable and inviting interior. The CR-V’s versatile cargo space remains a hallmark, providing ample room for luggage, groceries or sports equipment, making it an ideal choice for families with varying needs.

2023 Honda CR-V Pricing

The 2023 Honda CR-V starts at around $25,000 for the base LX trim, with prices increasing based on trim levels and additional features. Upgrading to higher trims or adding optional packages can increase the price to around $35,000 to $40,000 for the fully loaded Touring trim with all available features.


In summary, the 2023 Honda CR-V’s interior technology for families reflects Honda’s commitment to combining innovation, comfort and safety. With its emphasis on connectivity, family-centric features, advanced safety technologies and interior versatility, the CR-V continues to be a top choice for families seeking a reliable and technologically advanced SUV.

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