2024 Honda Civic Performance, Features, and More

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2024 Honda Civic-With a price range spanning from $23,950 to $30,550, the 2024 Honda Civic shines as a standout choice in the small sedan market. Offering commendable performance, impressive fuel efficiency, spacious passenger accommodations, and an elegant design, the Civic presents itself as a top contender in its class. While there may be minor road noise issues during highway driving, the overall package of the Civic remains highly appealing.

Honda’s latest generation Civic, crowned as the Edmunds Top Rated Car for 2023 by our test team, embodies everything one would desire in a small sedan or hatchback. Boasting ample interior space, satisfying performance, and an array of cutting-edge technology and driver assist features, the Civic caters to a diverse range of preferences. Enthusiasts will particularly appreciate the high-performance Type R variant, delivering an exhilarating 315 horsepower driving experience.

2024 Honda Civic Edmunds Spotlights: Sedan vs. Hatchback

2024 Honda Civic Performance, Features, and More

One notable aspect of the Civic lineup is the availability of both sedan and hatchback models. While the sedan offers a respectable 14.8 cubic feet of cargo space, opting for the hatchback provides a more versatile solution with 24.5 cubic feet of cargo capacity. The lift-up rear hatch facilitates easier loading of bulky items, making the hatchback a compelling choice for those prioritizing practicality.

Exploring Alternatives

While the 2024 Honda Civic stands out as an excellent choice, it’s worthwhile to consider a few alternatives in the market. Alongside competitors like the Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Corolla, the Kia Forte and Mazda 3 also present compelling options. Delve into our Expert Rating below for comprehensive insights into the Civic’s performance, comfort, and more.

Living with the Civic

In addition to being named the Edmunds Top Rated Sedan for 2022, we’ve also included the Civic in our long-term review fleet. Our experience with the Civic Si over 20,000 miles and 12 months allows us to offer detailed insights into what owning one of our top picks entails.

2024 Honda Civic Performance Assessment

Our tests of the Civic Touring sedan equipped with the turbocharged engine showcased its capability, accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 7.9 seconds. While exhibiting a slightly leisurely start, the Civic swiftly gains momentum, providing ample power without necessitating aggressive acceleration. The continuously variable automatic transmission delivers smooth power delivery and responsive performance, ensuring an enjoyable driving experience.

Comfort and Interior Features

The Civic’s suspension effectively absorbs road imperfections, albeit sacrificing some comfort for its sporty handling characteristics. Front seats offer commendable support, though the absence of adjustable lumbar support may pose an issue for some individuals. Despite noticeable road noise, the interior boasts a well-designed layout, intuitive controls, and spacious accommodations for both front and rear passengers.

Technological Advancements

Equipped with a user-friendly touchscreen infotainment system, the Civic ensures minimal distractions while on the road. The optional integrated navigation system, albeit sporting slightly dated graphics, functions seamlessly. Moreover, Honda’s advanced driving aids, while occasionally prone to false alarms, generally perform admirably, enhancing overall safety and convenience.

Practicality and Value

In terms of storage, the Civic sedan’s trunk offers ample space, complemented by well-designed interior storage solutions. While the Civic may command a slightly higher price compared to some competitors, its superior performance, fuel efficiency, and refined interior justify the added cost. We recommend considering the EX trim for its enhanced features and more potent turbocharged engine.

Honda Civic: A Well-Rounded Choice

In conclusion, the 2024 Honda Civic emerges as a standout option in the small car segment, offering a compelling blend of performance, comfort, and technology. Whether opting for the sedan or hatchback variant, the Civic delivers a satisfying driving experience coupled with practicality and value.

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