2021 BMW X2 A Sporty & Stylish Luxury SUV Review

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2021 BMW X2 is, a compact luxury crossover SUV produced by the German automaker BMW. It was first introduced in 2018 as a 2019 model year vehicle and has continued to be produced with updates and improvements since then. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the most recent information about the 2021 BMW X2 is as follows:

2021 BMW X2 A Sporty & Stylish Luxury SUV Review

  1. Design: The BMW X2 features a sporty and coupe-like design, distinguishing it from the larger X3 and X5 models. It has a more aggressive and dynamic appearance with a sloping roofline, a prominent kidney grille, and bold character lines.
  2. Transmission and Performance: The X2 came standard with an eight-speed automatic transmission. It offered a sporty driving experience with responsive handling and a comfortable ride. The acceleration and performance were generally praised by reviewers.
  3. Features: The 2021 BMW X2 came equipped with a variety of features and technology. Some notable features included LED headlights, a power liftgate, dual-zone automatic climate control, a 6.5-inch infotainment display (upgradeable to an 8.8-inch display). Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, a rearview camera, and a forward collision warning system with automatic emergency braking.
  4. Optional Packages: BMW offered various optional packages for the X2 to enhance its features and customization options. These packages included the Convenience Package, Premium Package, M
  5. SportX Package, and others. They added features such as a panoramic sunroof, navigation system, upgraded audio system, heated seats, and sportier exterior and interior accents.
  6. Safety: The 2021 BMW X2 came with several standard safety features, including multiple airbags, stability control, traction control, and anti-lock brakes. 

What are the color options available for the 2021 BMW X2

The 2021 BMW X2 offered a range of exterior color options, although the availability may vary depending on the specific market and trim level. The following are some of the color options that were typically available for the 2021 BMW X2:

  • Alpine White
  • Jet Black
  • Mineral White Metallic
  • Black Sapphire Metallic
  • Glacier Silver Metallic
  • Mineral Grey Metallic
  • Mediterranean Blue Metallic
  • Sunset Orange Metallic
  • Dark Olive Metallic
  • Misano Blue Metallic
  • Flamenco Red Metallic

These are some of the common color options, but it’s important to note that availability can change over time, and BMW may introduce new colors or discontinue certain options. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on available colors for the 2021 BMW X2, I recommend referring to the official BMW website or contacting a BMW dealership.

What are the standard features of the 2021 BMW X2

The standard features of the 2021 BMW X2 can vary based on the trim level and optional packages chosen. However, here are some common standard features that were typically included in the 2021 BMW X2:

  • LED headlights and taillights: The X2 usually came equipped with LED headlights and taillights, providing enhanced visibility and a distinctive appearance.
  • Power liftgate: A power liftgate was often included, allowing for convenient access to the rear cargo area.
  • Dual-zone automatic climate control: The X2 typically featured dual-zone automatic climate control, allowing the driver and front passenger to set individual temperature preferences.
  • 6.5-inch or larger infotainment display: The X2 typically came with a 6.5-inch infotainment display as standard, although an upgrade to a larger 8.8-inch display was often available. The infotainment system usually included features such as Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto).
  • Rearview camera: A rearview camera was typically included to assist with parking and maneuvering the vehicle in reverse.
  • SensaTec synthetic leather upholstery: The X2 often featured SensaTec synthetic leather upholstery as the standard seating material, providing a combination of comfort and durability.
  • Power-adjustable front seats: The X2 generally came with power-adjustable front seats, allowing the driver and front passenger to find their preferred seating positions.
  • Automatic emergency braking: Many X2 models included automatic emergency braking as a standard safety feature. This system could detect potential collisions and automatically apply the brakes to help mitigate or avoid accidents.
  • Lane departure warning: The X2 often included a lane departure warning system, which alerted the driver if the vehicle unintentionally deviated from its lane without signaling.
  • Forward collision warning: A forward collision warning system was typically included as standard, providing alerts to the driver if a potential front-end collision was detected.

what are the optional packages available for the 2021 BMW X2

The 2021 BMW X2 offered several optional packages that allowed buyers to customize their vehicle with additional features and enhancements. The availability of these packages may vary based on the market and trim level. Here are some of the common optional packages that were typically available for the 2021 BMW X2:

  • Convenience Package: This package often included features such as keyless entry, power-folding mirrors, auto-dimming mirrors, ambient lighting, and a panoramic sunroof.
  • Premium Package: The Premium Package usually added upgraded features like a navigation system, a larger 8.8-inch infotainment display, a head-up display, heated front seats, and a heated steering wheel.
  • M SportX Package: The M SportX Package provided a sportier appearance and performance enhancements. It typically included sporty exterior styling cues, M Sport suspension, sport seats, M Sport steering wheel, and larger wheels.
  • Driver Assistance Package: This package typically added advanced safety and driver-assistance technologies. It might include features such as adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, park distance control, and a surround-view camera system.
  • Dynamic Handling Package: The Dynamic Handling Package often offered performance-focused upgrades, including adaptive suspension, variable sport steering, and enhanced sporty driving modes.
  • Harman Kardon Surround Sound System: This optional package usually upgraded the audio system to a premium Harman Kardon surround sound system, providing a superior audio experience.
  • Cold Weather Package: The Cold Weather Package typically included features to enhance comfort in colder climates, such as heated front seats, heated steering wheel, and heated rear seats.
  • Wireless Charging and Wi-Fi Hotspot Package. This package often added wireless smartphone charging capabilities and a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing occupants to stay connected on the go.


The 2021 BMW X2 featured a stylish and well-appointed interior with a focus on comfort, quality materials, and modern technology. While the specific interior options and features can vary based on the trim level and optional packages chosen, here are some general aspects of the 2021 BMW X2 interior:

  1. Seating and Upholstery: The X2 typically accommodated five passengers with two rows of seats. 
  2. Dashboard and Controls: The X2’s dashboard design was sleek and driver-focused. The center console typically housed the infotainment system display and climate controls.
  3. Infotainment System: The X2 typically came equipped with a 6.5-inch infotainment display as standard, although an upgrade to an 8.8-inch display was often available. The infotainment system offered features such as Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, smartphone integration (Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), and navigation in higher trims or optional packages.
  4. Instrument Cluster: The X2 usually featured a digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel, providing customizable information and driver-centric displays. The cluster could present details such as speed, fuel level, navigation instructions, and other vehicle data.
  5. Ambient Lighting: Many X2 models offered ambient lighting to enhance the interior atmosphere. This feature allowed drivers to select from various color options and customize the illumination to suit their preferences.
  6. Storage and Cargo Space. The X2 typically provided a reasonable amount of storage space, including door pockets, a center console compartment, and cup holders. The rear seats could be folded down in a 40/20/40 split to expand the cargo capacity, which was often around 21.6 cubic feet (with the seats up) and up to 50.1 cubic feet.
  7. Sound System. The X2 usually came with a standard audio system, and an optional premium audio system, such as the Harman Kardon surround sound system.

Safety rating

Both organizations conduct comprehensive safety tests and provide ratings for vehicles based on their performance in various crash tests and safety features.

It’s worth noting that the BMW X2 shares its platform with the BMW X1, which has undergone safety testing. The 2021 BMW X1 received a 5-star overall safety rating from the NHTSA, with five stars in the frontal crash and side crash tests, and four stars in the rollover test.

The IIHS also evaluated the 2021 BMW X1 and awarded it the highest rating of “Good” in most crashworthiness categories, including moderate overlap front, side, roof strength, and head restraints. However, the X1 did not undergo the IIHS’s small overlap front crash test, which is an important evaluation for occupant protection.

While the specific safety ratings for the 2021 BMW X2 might not be available, it is reasonable to expect that the X2’s safety performance would be similar to the X1, considering their shared platform and many common safety features. 

2021 bmw x2 oil reset

To reset the oil change indicator or perform an oil reset on a 2021 BMW X2, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Start the engine: Ensure that the vehicle is parked and the engine is turned on.
  2. Access the menu: Navigate to the iDrive infotainment system by using the controller knob or touchscreen display.
  3. Go to Vehicle Information: From the main menu, select “Vehicle Information” or a similar option that provides access to vehicle settings and status.
  4. Select Vehicle Status: Within the Vehicle Information menu, look for an option labeled “Vehicle Status” or something similar.
  5. Locate Service Menu: Once in the Vehicle Status section, search for a submenu or option called “Service” or “Maintenance.”
  6. Enter Service Menu: Enter the Service menu by selecting the corresponding option.
  7. Reset Oil Change Indicator: Within the Service menu, look for an option labeled “Reset” or “Reset Oil Change” or similar phrasing. Select that option.
  8. Confirm Reset: The system will prompt you to confirm the reset action. Follow the on-screen prompts or instructions to confirm the reset.
  9. Complete the Process: After confirming, the system will reset the oil change indicator and display a message indicating that the reset was successful.

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